Worried your dog won’t sit still?

When I tell people that I photograph pets their reaction is almost always the same, ‘Oh I don’t think my dog would ever sit still long enough!’. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s extremely rare that dogs do sit still during their session!

I’ve been photographing pets for a few years now and I can honestly say I can count with one hand the amount of dogs that have sat perfectly! My job isn’t just to take beautiful pictures of your pet, my job is also having the knowledge and experience to deal with pets with all different training levels, from all different backgrounds. My job would be exceptionally boring if I had nothing but impeccably behaved pets in the studio/on location all the time.

I’ve had dogs that have growled at me non-stop, due to being nervous, right the way through to dogs who have been bouncing up and down and even humping my leg 😂. I’ve photographed pets within weeks of joining their family to pets who are ready to say their goodbye’s. Every single session is tailored to suit you, your pet and your family so your session can capture those perfect memories for you to treasure.

I absolutely love a challenge and creating beautiful pet portraits, so why not get in touch today and take the first steps to capturing your pets cheeky personality either at your home or on location…

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