The adorable 11 week old Vince came in for his session recently. As you can see from his behind the scenes video he was a ball of energy who loved all the attention. What the video doesn’t show you is Vince doing what he loves best… Peeing on the floor hahaha. Scroll down for a little bit more on Vince and some of his finished images.

Incase some of you couldn’t guess Vince’s breed he is a Boerboel aka South African Mastiff. He is only 11 weeks old and his paws are so big! His favourite treat is Chicken and he loves nothing more than a long snooze in some very weird positions. Vince is at that ‘puppy nibble’ phase where everything, in Vince’s opinion, needs a good nibble even his daddy’s beard haha!

I absolutely loved meeting Vince and his mummy and daddy. Here are just a few of his finished images 🙂 Enjoy!