First things first, sessions are super relaxed so please don’t be worried or stress. I haven’t met a dog yet that sits perfectly for their portrait. Dogs are naturally inquisitive and that’s why we give them plenty of time and patience. It’s also perfectly natural for dogs to jump off and on props several times or run around like an absolute loon, please don’t get mad at them or stress yourself out, this is all part of the fun and trying to tire them out. Just think how well they will sleep when you get home haha!

Please don’t worry if your dog isn’t great at the whole house training thing, all the props and furniture in the studio are dog friendly and can be cleaned up in no time! It is always a great idea to arrive a little earlier and take your dog for a 5-10min walk around the area. This can help them get used to being somewhere new and can calm them down a little before their session.

Once your dog has had a little walk and a good sniff around the studio, the session can begin. You can get involved as much as possible as dogs see me as a fun and exciting new person so rarely listen to me telling them to sit etc. I find they respond much better to their own family member and often calm down a lot quicker too. There will also be plenty of time for toilet breaks and chill out time should your pooch need it and I will help guide you through the whole session. Sessions can take anything from 20-60 mins depending on how well your dog settles.

I’ve added a little video of the gorgeous Scrappy’s studio session so you can see that it really doesn’t matter how active or fidgety they are, we can still get stunning portraits of your pet 🙂

After Your Session

All images then go through the editing process which can take two to three weeks to complete. You will then come back to the studio to view your images and I will help you to create your perfect package with products that you love.

For more information please have a look at the FAQ page or feel free to get in touch.

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 The Pet Studio Experience

Let their personality take centre stage!

The welcoming studio provides the perfect backdrop to highlight the unique personality of every dog I photograph. I have different backdrops and props to cater for each unique character (or why not have a little of everything). Studio sessions are relaxed and fun so don’t worry if your dog never sits still for long.

Booking Fee: £99 with 10×8″ Print | £199 with 3x 10×8″ Prints | £499 with 3x 10×8″ Prints and 5x Digitals. 

Additional products start from £69.

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